Sports Underdome

The Ultimate Indoor Sports Facility

We've got it all under one roof

Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse, Field hockey, Football, and more!


Sports Underdome welcomes you to our exciting "sanctioned" facility. Our state of the art complex, the first of it's kind in the New York area boasts the latest in technology. Our unique "fieldturf" grass surface is as close to mother natures variety as there ever was invented. You'll experience all the comforts of the outdoor game in our indoor facility.

We have three 190' X 80' fileds, to cater for your needs. These also combine to make one full size FIFA regulation field. We want you and your team to enjoy the opportunity brought to you by Sports Underdome. Whether your groups looking for highly competitive competition or co-ed and recreational sports, Sports Underdome will accommodate you.

Our fields are covered with "fieldturf" grass which minimizes any turf related injuries. So, no need to worry about the dreaded "turfburn" ...our turf plays like real grass! This structure is specifically engineered and designed to provide an ideal outdoor environment for all field specific sports: It's just like the outdoors but without inclement weather.

Sports Underdome is a state of the art facility which is 7.5 stories high.
Its 72,000 square feet houses:

You name the sport, we've got the place for it.
Play anything you play on a field!

Our Hours:
We are open 7 days a week from 7am to midnight.